Success Stories

Our family has had a great experience being patients of S.O.O.  There is nothing better then a beautiful smile!  Thank you!

Suzanne, Forked River


Belle started with braces much earlier than I expected her to.  She was so excited to get them! Although she disliked not being able to have gum when her brother can she has liked her braces.  She looks forward to coming to the office and picking out her new colors.  Everyone here has been wonderful and makes coming to the doctor fun.

Jill, Tom’s River


Thank you all so much for the great orthodontic care and personal touch you have shown all three of my children.  It is truly a bittersweet moment writing this letter.  Sweet to know their teeth are now beautiful and perfect.  Bitter because it is sad to realize we have no reason to come back other than to say hello. Over the past 7 years we have all become friends and it will seem odd not to be coming to the office and chatting and laughing.  Words alone cannot thank all of you enough for all you have done.  Every time I see a child at school wearing that navy blue t-shirt it will make me think of all of you.  We will now and then stop in to say hello and I will fill you in on how the kids are doing.

Thanks again,

Patty, Waretown


When I first got my braces on I was very afraid of what it would be like.  I was worried that maybe the doctors would be mean or it would hurt a lot.  The second I walked in and got my braces on everyone was so nice and my teeth started to look great!  I’d smile so much more and when I sang on stage I noticed the straighter my teeth got the more I opened my mouth and really sang.  Looking back I’m super glad to have gotten braces.  Not only is my smile so much better but now I can get headshots and really start getting serious about my singing career.  Thank you Southern Ocean Orthodontics.

Melinda, Barnegat


I enjoyed having braces and love the beautiful result.  I would like to thank Linda and Denise for talking through the whole start up process and working with my insurance company and setting up my budget.  I would truly recommend your office to friends.  All of the staff is very professional and considerate.  Thank you all!! I can now smile with confidence.

Linda, Waretown


When I first got my braces I was afraid they would hurt.  But when I got them on they didn’t hurt a bit.  Now I got them off and I love my new smile.

Isaiah, Tom’s River


Charlie got a palate expander and top braces at age 7 for misalignment. The staff at Southern Ocean Ortho is fantastic. They explained everything and were always there if we needed a phone call or emergency appointment. Charlie was always excited to go into the office and pick the different bond colors and earn his “Brace Bucks” for doing what he needed to do with his expander and braces. He just got his braces off and his smile is awesome. We are so happy with his treatment.
Amy, Forked River


Not that I want to age myself, however, I could remember the time when getting braces was very traumatic.  From having a mouthful of metal and then the embarrassment of opening your mouth for whatever reason.  Still a traumatic time period in a child’s life.  I believe times have changed for the better.  It’s almost, dare I say, cool to have braces.  Better styles and a rainbow of colors such as red for Christmas, orange for Halloween, or green for St. Patty’s Day make visits a little more pleasurable.  The Doctors and staff made every effort to comfort Rebecca on every visit.  They have a very professional and caring attitude.  We had a terrific experience.

John, Barnegat


Dylan began his first visit to get his evaluation very nervous.  He was very self conscious about the space between his two front teeth.  Quickly we were both treated by a professional staff that made us feel very comfortable.  Each trip to the office became something we looked forward to.  Dylan would think about the color bands he would get while my three year old couldn’t wait to see what treats you had waiting for him in the waiting room.  As phase one is finished for Dylan we do not have any hesitation or fears to begin phase two of treatment.

Tara, Tuckerton


My daughter came in with an overcrowded mouth. Her teeth were all over. The whole process was so easy. We never had to pull any teeth. It was always a pleasure coming to her office visits.

Shayna, Tom’s River


I would like to thank all the Doctors and staff for their fine care and treatment of my daughter Arianna as she had begun phase one of her orthodontic treatment. This office in my opinion is top notch and well organized. I would not hesitate to recommend Southern Ocean Orthodontics. In fact I had already expressed to many people of the great care this office has taken with Arianna.  Please keep up the good work and continue the same ways we have come to know during this past year.

Wayne, Waretown


Being a patient here at the office was awesome.  Everyone was so professional and competent.  Never a long wait.  Whenever we needed to see the doctor for a wire that became loose the staff was always accommodating.  My son has a beautiful smile and we are very grateful for such great care.  A smile goes a long way – Thanks for always giving us a smile during our orthodontic experience.

Elaine, Barnegat


Well your office is great I have had 2 of my kids here and 1 more left when she is older.  I have always had a great experience and highly recommend this office to anyone needing braces.

Thank you for another great experience!!!

Paula, Forked River


Southern Ocean Orthodontics was a great place to go for braces.  My daughter was so nervous but they were always so kind and answered any and all questions – not only when we were in the office but when we would call.  The office is so accommodating for siblings too!!

The payment plan made it affordable for my daughter to get a great smile.  She is a singer and her smile is very important to her.

I have and will continue to recommend Southern Ocean Orthodontics!!

Caitlin, Jersey Shore


Tim’s experience with his braces has been a very positive one.  He looked forward to getting his brace bucks and picking out new colors.  Emergencies like broken wires or loose teeth were always handled promptly.  The staff has made a relatively unpleasant procedure into something fun and enjoyable.  Thank you.

Tim, Waretown


Coming into the office was always a pleasure, even though Rachel was always a little nervous, she always was greeted with a smile and fun conversation. She always left with a smile and today she truly has her perfect “brace free” smile. She could hardly wait to show off her new smile to all her friends and family! We thank you for always treating us so kindly and we would certainly refer your office to anyone looking for a great “dental experience”!!!
Carol, Barnegat


I used to suck my thumb all the time no matter where I was or what I was doing.  Then one day my dentist told me I had to get braces.  Two years later of taking care of my braces they came off and now I feel great!

Callie, Jersey Shore


I came in about 4 years ago. I first had to get a palatal expander because my mouth was very crowded. After the expander I got braces. My teeth were extremely crooked. I had my braces on for 2 years and now my teeth look great. I love coming here. Everyone who works here is so nice. Thank you for all you have done for me.

Shayna, Forked River


Today is an exciting day—a milestone for myself and my daughter.  As her braces come off today I am excited for her.  A little sad for me as I see her entering high school as a beautiful young lady.  Time sure does fly!  We have had such a positive experience here at Southern Ocean Orthodontics.  My son was 1 ½ yrs ahead of her in orthodontic treatment – it feels as though we have been here forever.  I always tell everyone how much “fun” this office is for the kids.  The brace bucks, contests, and of course the yearly Disney World Trip giveaway makes the experience exciting!  The staff is always professional and courteous.

Kathy, Forked River


Finally Valerie has her braces off!  She has been counting down the days and wondering how she’ll look?  The team did a tremendous job and they are very nice to all of their patients and very patient with them.  When Valerie would tell me she had a problem they would always resolve it immediately or call us back.  I’m glad we chose you.

Thank you!  Thank you very much!!

Nancy, Waretown


Your staff made our “dreaded” orthodontic treatment fun and happy.  Thanks for your patience when Zack’s brackets fell off, when his expander broke and when he didn’t brush his teeth as well as he should have!  Your patience and attention have made him more conscientious with his dental care!

Pattie, Waretown


Southern Ocean Orthodontics has been a great partner with our family every step of the way.  They have treated us in a family-friendly, professional manner.  Thank you for making the journey to a dazzling smile a pleasant one!!

Marie, Tom’s River


Southern Ocean Orthodontics has treated me really well with taking off and putting on my braces.  The outstanding receptionist has been beyond outstanding along with the rest of the staff.

Nicholas, Jersey Shore


It was very nice being a patient at your office.  All the orthodontist people are so nice.  I really liked all the colors for rubber bands and retainer cases.  I love the new “bracedlets!”  My experience was great here my teeth are much straighter and now for picture day I can actually smile!  I really love how my teeth came out!

Christina, Tuckerton


Southern Ocean Orthodontics has been a pleasure to deal with in the treatment of my son, Austin Allan’s braces. The doctors and staff have been great and we couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. Austin is very excited to have a beautiful smile again without the metal. LOL! Thank you to you all. I can’t wait to share some of his modeling photos with you!

Dawn, Tuckerton


I think the whole staff is very kind and the brace bucks were a great idea. I thought it would hurt but everything was painless. I actually look forward to my appointments, I loved being a patient here and it was cool getting to put on a color or more on your braces. You get to pick your own color. I didn’t think I would have time but they worked out appointments that were perfect. I hope my sister likes it just as much as me.

Nick, Forked River


We never thought having braces could actually be fun!  Everyone in the office is awesome and Sofia looks amazing!  What a great job!  Thanks!

Deb, Barnegat


When I first got my braces on it was different.  The staff and doctors at the office were so nice and put a smile on my face.  During the whole time I had braces Southern Ocean Orthodontics made the experience enjoyable.  Now that my braces are off I am so thankful of everyone at S.O.O. for making my smile so incredible.


Rosie, Waretown


Everyone at the office was terrific!  They were very patient with my son when things were broken or not done as they were supposed to be.  Wearing braces can be a challenge, but the office staff was always kind and encouraging.  Although two years is a long time to wait the results were worth it!  Matthew now has a beautiful smile!  Thanks for all the great orthodontic care!

Karin, Jersey Shore


Well I was jumping out of my seat!  I was so excited especially because picture day is tomorrowJ  It was pain free!  I didn’t even know Dr. Butler was taking them off!  And that was my experience!



First of all, you guys did a phenomenal job on my teeth. Being a patient at this office was a wonderful experience that I will never forget! Also, being involved at a practice that offers so much to its patients is awesome. Being rewarded for having nice teeth by getting bracebucks is a brilliant idea. Thank you ALL for making my experience here one to remember.

Gabriella, Tuckerton


Every appointment over the past two years always started within 5 minutes of our arrival and was greeted with smiles from the staff as well as patients.

Keith, Waretown


In the beginning I didn’t want braces at all.  Through out the whole experience of having braces there were times when I wanted to take them off.  Even though it did hurt at times the orthodontists did as best as they could to make it comfortable.  I’m glad I went through the experience because I love my teeth and they have straightened out so much.

Samantha, Forked River


Both of our girls have had a positive experience here at Southern Ocean Orthodontics.  We have all been treated very respectfully, courteously and fairly.  We were always kept in good communication about the expectations of all procedures.   The girls all felt comfortable with the staff and enjoyed all of the rewards they received for good “behavior.”  Thank you for giving Anna the first step to a beautiful smile.

Shannon, Tom’s River


Coming here for our appointments has always been a fun experience!  My son was always excited about what color he would pick and would keep his brace bucks in a folder at home to make sure he could get a Game Stop gift card.  We would watch his teeth and his face change everyday.  The change is amazing.  We always recommend this office whenever anyone asks about braces.  The turnover of doctors has been smooth and everyone in the office has been very nice.

Kim, Waretown


The office staff and doctors at Southern Ocean Orthodontics are awesome.  The assistants always were gentle while working on my daughter’s teeth.  Sharon and Linda were always such a great help with my insurance issues.  The incentives for the kids are a good way of getting them to take part in their treatment.  I recommend the office to EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole’s Mom, Tuckerton


I felt very welcomed in this office and felt relaxed that my son Joe was getting the right treatment. Also how nice the staff was towards us. I will definitely recommend this place to others. Thanks for the great experience.

Maria, Forked River


Hip Hip Hooray two children successfully completed 2 years of braces!  This is the prettiest office in Ocean County with the nicest staff and the BEST COFFEE.  The biggest success is the compliments on their smileJ

Maria, Barnegat


Your office is the best! Everyone is nice here. I’m going to miss coming here. My son’s teeth look amazing. Today will be a sad but also happy day for my son. He will miss everyone but be real happy that they’re off.

Donna, Barnegat


All four of my children have gotten braces on at this office.  All of my kids have beautiful teeth and great smiles.  The staff is great.

Renee, Tuckerton


I really liked the people at the office.  They were very nice.  I liked that I got to pick the colors of my bands when I needed them changed.  Even though we never won a prize it was cool that there were so many things to win.  I liked getting brace bucks at every visit and trading them in for movie gift cards.  Sharon was awesome because she gave me her favorite shamrock earrings!

Nicole, Tuckerton


My teeth turned out beautiful. I’m so happy I had a really good experience. Everybody in the office is so friendly and both of the doctors are so wonderful. Thank you very much.

Van, Waretown


I loved being a patient at your office and earning brace bucks is the best!!!

Dominic, Tom’s River


This has been a wonderful experience for Dominic.  Everyone has been so helpful and pleasant not to mention how wonderful his smile is!!!!   Thank you all!!!

Vicki, Tom’s River


I loved each appointment I had here.  The staff is very polite and nice to me every time.  Coming to this orthodontist has been a positive experience for me and my family!  My teeth are really straight and I really like looking at them now!

Shannon, Forked River


In the beginning I was nervous but I quickly learned that I had nothing to worry about.  My adjustments have been quite a pleasant experience.

Kourtney, Jersey Shore


Being a patient here at the office was awesome.  Everyone was so professional and competent.  I never had a long wait.  My son has a beautiful smile and we are very grateful for such great care.  A smile goes a long way – Thanks for always giving us a smile during our orthodontic experience.

Elaine, Waretown


I love Southern Ocean Orthodontics.  Everybody is so nice.  I enjoyed coming.

Madeline, Jersey Shore


My daughter loved her orthodontic appointments.  Southern Ocean Orthodontics was always a well organized fun place to visit.  We are very happy with her progress so far and can’t wait to see her before and after pictures.

Karen, Forked River


Everyone was extremely nice here and very helpful.  I am so glad I have my braces off.  I really liked my doctor.  I absolutely love my new smile.

Rylie, Tuckerton


Everyone here in the office is very friendly and nice.  Both of my children have had their braces with this office.  My daughter Rylie’s teeth look beautiful, straight and clean.  The same for my son Thomas.

Danielle, Tom’s River


It has been a pleasure coming to this office.  We have always been greeted warmly and with a smile even on those days when we have been a little late or Dad forgot the appointment date.  Hard to believe it but Kathryn looked forward to her appointment and talking to the staff.  The best care possible was given by the orthodontic staff but it was the personal touch by all of them that sets Southern Ocean Orthodontics apart from all the rest!

Robert, Tom’s River


It was great!  I love how the braces felt on my teeth and they didn’t hurt a bit!  The appointments were a quick and easy.  I love my new bright smile! THANK YOU! J

Daniel, Forked River


It was great coming here.  Everyone is so helpful.  I had them on two times and each time you do the best you can to help everyone.  My mouth looks amazing.  Thank you so muchJ  Also they never hurt me.

Emily, Jersey Shore