Brace Bucks Game

Years ago Southern Ocean Orthodontics  developed Brace Bucks as a reward program for our patients with good cooperation.   Patients are eligible to win Brace Bucks for any of the reasons listed below.

  • Earn 1 Brace Buck for every visit to our office – The patient must be on time, keep their teeth and gums clean, be careful with what they eat and be sure to wear their elastics and retainers.
  • Earn 1 Brace Buck for every visit when you wear your Southern Ocean Orthodontics T-Shirt to our office on the date of your appointment.
  • Earn 1 Brace Buck every time you get at least 1 good grade on your report card. (Be sure to bring your report card)
  • Earn 3 Brace Bucks if you get all A’s on your report card.
  • Earn 15 Brace Bucks for each friend or family member you refer to us for an orthodontic consultation.

Each Brace Buck is equal to one dollar.  Brace Bucks will allow you to earn gift cards and gift certificates to many brand name stores. If you have any questions about how you can start earning your Brace Bucks, give us a call today!